Hi, I'm Larry Steinhouse and I am The Crazy Options Trader!

About The Crazy Options Trader

Hi, my name is Larry Steinhouse and I am the Crazy Options Trader! “How did I get this name? “, you ask. Well, I was discussing my options trading success and some recent trades with a friend who said, “YOU’RE CRAZY!” He just couldn’t believe the money I was making and the trades that were working. The funny part was, he was also an options trader. In fact, he worked at the bank I dealt with and every time I went into the bank he would see me and yell, “Yo, Larry! — How’s the market?!”. I would then tell him about money I was making on trades and he would shake his head. This was because he was losing money on his trades almost all the time. Sometimes he would hide his head in shame when I walked in because I told him of a great move to make and he didn’t do it. Even worse, sometimes he would paper trade my suggestion and see the results of how much he could have made!

The Rules of The Crazy Options Trader.

Larry was able to make $750,000 in a 3 year period by following the rules!


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Success Stories

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Anthony made $40,000 trading stock options in his first 3 months.

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Jeffry Civey

I have never been more pleased to learn from someone like Larry Steinhouse. He has put me on the right track and I LOVE trading options now. It really works and he is always available to give advice and teaching.

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