The Story

Hi, my name is Larry Steinhouse and I am the Crazy Options Trader!

“How did I get this name? “, you ask.

Well, I was discussing my options trading success and some recent trades with a friend who said, “YOU’RE CRAZY!” He just couldn’t believe the money I was making and the trades that were working.

The funny part was, he was also an options trader. In fact, he worked at the bank I dealt with and every time I went into the bank he would see me and yell, “Yo, Larry! — How’s the market?!”. I would then tell him about money I was making on trades and he would shake his head. This was because he was losing money on his trades almost all the time. Sometimes he would hide his head in shame when I walked in because I told him of a great move to make and he didn’t do it. Even worse, sometimes he would paper trade my suggestion and see the results of how much he could have made!

Another good friend of mine also trades options, but he does exactly what I tell him to do and he is doing great! I have a chart that I use that reminds me when to buy and sell and I often send him a picture of it. He has been using it to great success. In fact, this is where I got the idea to start the web site “Crazy Options Trader”. I thought that you might be interested in learning how to make serious money trading options and you maybe you would like to be on the list to get my chart.

But first, you should know that I wasn’t always successful at trading options. In fact, at first I lost most of the money I put into my options trading account. I would trade options willy-nilly and buy high and sell low (this is not recommended). I would search the market for the next big thing and try to guess where the stock would be in a few months. I was always wrong! Well maybe not always, but frankly it was like gambling!

It was just about 2 years ago, I decided to look over all of my prior trades and really examine when I made money and when I lost money. After a few hours of examination, I discovered a pattern!

Now this pattern wasn’t obvious at first, nor would it be obvious the average stock trader. In fact, if this pattern was widely used, the stock market would probably come to a grinding halt.

If everyone understood this pattern stocks would no longer go up or down. They would just stop! Mutual funds would have flat years, year after year! Your 401(k) would just have the money you put into it and never gain any profits! Interest rates would always be zero and well the good part is, inflation would stop!

OK, I know that sounds silly but really it makes sense once you understand what I discovered!

Now this discovery is one of those that is very difficult to explain but will come to you as you see your portfolio increase like it never has before! You will fire your stock broker, just as I have and you will make returns that you thought were impossible! The only limit to the amount you make will be your time and initial investment. In fact, my favorite part of trading options is that you don’t need a lot of money. Many people that I have coached over the last year, have started with as little as a $1000. Would it be so bad if you turned your $1000 into $5000 in just a year? Many of them have. Some have made more! The ones who didn’t have faith in the system, or chickened out, lost only some of the initial investment. Does this sound like a good idea to you?

If it does keep reading and I will give you one of my best secrets of trading options!

This one secret will blow your mind. In fact, you won’t believe it at first. You will say “That’s ridiculous!” you will email me and in all caps write “YOU’RE CRAZY!”. You will even tell your friends, and they will say “The Crazy Options Trader is trying to scam you!” Well I’m not!

If you follow along, throughout the year, you will see all of my trades and watch my success.

My goal is to turn $100,000 into $1,000,000 in one calendar year!

That’s right I will start with a dedicated account with $100,000. The rules will be that I cannot add to it or take from it in that entire year. To reach my goal I will need to average a 21.5% return each month. I will be tracking this return and you can track it with me.

Some people think I am crazy to try such a thing. I love a challenge and I plan to make it work. As one of the people watching me trade, you will have a chance at the same success. My rules for trading will be available to you and my trading chart will also be available to you.

So what is the best secret to trading options? The secret that would stop the stock market in its tracks?! The key to making money in options?

Here it comes…

Stocks really don’t go up or down, they basically stay the same for a long period of time!

Huh? What? Is this guy crazy?!


When you get the free e-book on options, you will learn more about this secret and why it is true and why it is so important. You will also have the opportunity to get all of my rules of trading. The rules, that so far, has made me $278,000 in 18 months!

That’s right $278,000 in 18 months!

This really works and you can reap the benefits if you want to. Just start out by getting the free e-book and start learning!

Happy Trading!

Larry Steinhouse
“The Crazy Options Trader”